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A Love Letter To My Kids

Dear Bug & Buddy,

This website and all its content is for you both as you begin your journey as active, vibrant, contributing adults. It's always a parent's goal to send their little ones out into the world fully prepared, but unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. We rely too much on the school system for most of your education and aren't always able or willing to pick up the slack to supplement your knowledge with things like basic budgeting, housekeeping, home repair, and other home-economic principles.

While you were growing up, it was always easier to tell you what to do, rather than ask you what you thought you should do. I chose the easy way and under-developed your critical thinking skills---and I do feel guilty about that. We should have spent more time in the kitchen together, talked more about budgeting, and built up your basic skills in various areas, but.... we didn't and I don't have a time machine to go back and change it. I do however, have access to a website and pledge to fill it up with as much information as possible to help you succeed as an adult on your own!

These blog ramblings are tips, tricks, and other life-hacks I've picked up these past 20 years as a full-time homemaker and as your mom. I'm definitely NOT the final authority on anything I'm sharing with you. You can access hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos and other social content to find a wealth of information, tips, and other opinions. What I share with you are just my own observations that helped keep our home running smoothly throughout your childhood. My goal is to provide you with familiar knowledge you can keep, discard, or build on.

I'm so excited to watch you both grow as you enter into and embrace your independence. Just promise me you'll stop by every now and then for a home-cooked meal and hug. I'm so proud and blessed to be your mother. Keep on doing good things, shine bright, and don't forget to wash your sheets.

I love you both,



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